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Hey everyone! We've been hard at work on some new content! Namely, as teased on our Twitter some time ago, we got a 3D printer, have been toying with it, and finally have something to show for it!

First up, we've designed some 3D printed inserts. Our first one was pretty basic and mostly just seeing what we could take advantage of using 3D prints instead of foam core. This resulted in the insert we made for Star Wars RISK.

Next, we decided to turn it up to 11 and really see what we could do. To that end, we've designed what is most certainly our best insert ever. It's for Star Wars Rebellion, and really does a lot of cool things that we'd never be able to do (or at least not do well) with foam core. It has a lot of awesome features and pictures that you can check out here. So, to keep this post brief-ish (we have a lot to cover), we'll leave it at that with a few pics here.

Along with the epic new insert, we've also made a companion app for Rebellion. We know there are already a couple of these around, but we wanted one that was a bit different. You can check out all the details about it here.

New shelfies!! Who doesn't love a good shelfie? We have some shelfies on the About page, but it hasn't been updated for a couple years. Why? Well go have a gander. For 2020 our shelfie is a picture of a bunch of boxes under our bed. This is because we were staying with family during the end of Cymatically Muffed's development and so we didn't have space for our big shelves. These boxes represent about half the collection :P

The TI4 expansion has come out! This actually happened quite a while ago, but we've been pretty super busy so we haven't even played it yet :'( However, we did update the colors for the laser cut tokens on the TI4 page, so if you were waiting for that you can get your new tokens to match your expansion stuff :) A new 3D printed insert for TI4 and its expansion are sure to be coming soon!

FAQ updates: this one is pretty simple but worth calling out. We updated the FAQ to reflect that we don't make foam core inserts anymore, and that FFG doesn't make sleeves anymore. Short version, we're now buying Game Genic sleeves.

What's with the new logo? Well, we've actually had an updated logo for a while, but have been putting off updating it on Kelsam Tabletop for some reason. Really don't know why heh, but glad we finally got to it.

"Why can't I request insert schematics anymore?" Well, because we won't be making foam core inserts anymore, and 3D printed inserts don't have schematics for fans to follow to make their own. Instead, which is way way way better, you can just get the STLs and print them for yourself! Woop woop!! :D

On that note, it's a pretty safe assumption that all our existing foam core inserts will be replaced by 3D printed ones over time. As this happens, we'll be updating the pages to have the new inserts, and links to the STLs and such. This also means that when this happens we'll take down the old schematic PDFs for those games. If in a while you're looking for some foam core schematics that we had already made and can't find the schematics for, just email us and we'll send that over. We just want to avoid confusion and not reference the old insert designs on the website when a new one is available.

That's about it! Thanks so much for reading, and game on friends!!
- Kelsam