Content Upgrades!



  • General

We have a lot of content updates for you, and we're super excited to share them!


We've posted miniatures photos for Mansions of Madness and Mage Knight. We've also got a sneak peak for you of the Adrenaline minis we're working on pictured in this post!

New/Upgraded Content

We have gone through and re-written every piece of content for each and every game. We explain our variants, inserts, and other custom content more clearly. We have also re-written every "Addtional Thoughts" section for each game to include the parts of each game that really stick out to us. We'd love to hear your thoughts on any of these as we've put in a lot of time and effort to improve them. Addtionally, we've added a bunch of new games to the site!

Schematic Requests

We are getting your schematic requests! This feature is getting WAY more use than we predicted, and we're on it! We're so excited that you want to see more content from us! We will hopefully have some more news on this soon.

Website Updates

We have implemented many minor updates to make most of the website perform and look better. Most notably, every page with large images now utilizies thumbnails generated by a nice little script. So, you should notice pages, specifically for game details pages, loading 15-20 times faster than they were before.