CustomGameBits TI4 Organizer Available



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Steve, from CustomGameBits, contacted us inquiring about using our insert schematics as a starting point to create a new TI4 insert product. After completing his design, he shipped us one! We're pleased to say it's really awesome and is designed to hold sleeved cards!

Faction boxes sit inside the player trays, with little ledges to hold them in place. In addition to the clip-in lid, which ensures that pieces are secured for storage, they also have a hinged front wall to allow unrestricted access to the tokes during gameplay. Gameplay token trays also feature the clip-in lid. All of the card trays (including the one in the player tray) have hinged bottoms with little stands that pop up to tilt the cards out of the box. This makes grabbing cards a breeze. The tilting components lay flat during storage. The planet tile tray has a hinged door that holds the tiles in place, and can be unhinged for easy use during setup.

Everything fits together well and was very easy for us to use. There are engraved icons and names to show where all of the components are designed to go. As an added bonus, these look really cool. The entire insert fits inside the box, with room for fleet stands. There were clear instructions provided to ensure that we knew how it was supposed to fit into the box.

Overall, the design of this insert was well thought-out. It showed a lot of ingenuity in terms of securing components for storage while making them easily accessible for use. There is no glue necessary for this insert, which we think is a huge bonus. We were very impressed with this insert from CustomGameBits and shocked to find it at such a good price.