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We often use Kelsam Tabletop as a quick way to find resource links like ambient audio and game rules. In the past when we wanted to include these links, we would add a game page for these games and mark them "No Custom Content". Over time, this process has clogged up our games list with a lot of games that don't have any custom content yet, some with none planned. In an effort to return to the design goals of the website (sharing our custom content) while continuing to provide the game resource links, we have broken these into two separate pages.

Now, every game on our home page has interesting custom content to see, streamlining the browsing experience. We have also added a searchable "Links" page, which houses the links for our suggested ambient audio, companion apps, rules, and any other resources we may find. The addition of this new page also enables us to add more games to the Links page without needing to create full game pages for them just yet. We hope you like this new approach and please let us know if there are any games you would like added to it!

- Kelsam