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Twilight Imperium Fourth Edition

As those of you on our mailing list know, we got our copy of TI4 a bit early (given that it won't be released for about another month at the earliest) and sort of jumped on it pretty fast. Needless to say we were extremely excited! We have designed and created a foam-core insert for it, written up some of our thoughts, and released the schematics for its insert! The first insert schematics on the site! In the future look for the yellow "Download Insert Schematics" button that you see below as we gradually add schematics documents for the other games as well. Want to see the schematics for TI4? Download them with the button below.

Download Insert Schematics

How To Section

Along with the new insert schematics, we've added a new "How To" section to the website. On this page you can see tips and tutorials for various tabletop hobbies, as well as our full tutorial for creating your very own gaming table!

As always, thanks for reading and let us know what you think! Happy Gaming!

- Kelsam