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2 - 4 hrs
8.5 / 10
7.6 / 10
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Designer: Matúš Kotry


Player Aids

We don't particularly care for one-time use components, most commonly in the form of score sheets. So, we created re-usable deduction boards. We designed new 4x6 sheets to print, bought some inexpensive minimal-border picture frames, bought some wet-erase markers, and put it all together to create our own re-usable deduction boards.

4x6 Deduction Sheets (Original)
This PDF is 300 DPI (suitable for printing)

4x6 Deduction Sheets (+ King's Golem)
This PDF is 300 DPI (suitable for printing)

We also didn't like playing on the shallow shelf that folds out of the cauldron pieces, so we made deeper shelves out of a bit of foam core. To do so, just cut a sheet of 3/16" thick foam board to about 1" x 3", and place it in the hole where the original shelf folds out from.

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Alchemists Rulebook

King's Golem Rulebook

Standard Record Sheets

King's Golem Record Sheets