Codex: Card-Time Strategy

2 - 5
best with 2
45 - 90 mins
8.8 / 10
8 / 10
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Designer: David Sirlin


Player Aids

Custom Playmat

There were a few things that bothered us about the neoprene playmats that came with the deluxe set. So, we've designed our own. Our main design goals were to have them fit in the box without rolling/folding, have a low-profile patrol zone, and have a large play area free of clutter and other components.

Kelsam Tabletop Codex Playmat (InkedGaming Custom Playmat)
This image is 24.5"x14.5" at 150 DPI (designed for ordering a custom neoprene mat from InkedGaming)

Kelsam Tabletop Codex Playmat
This image is ~14"x13.75" at 300 DPI (suitable for custom printing)


When playing codex, we prefer to utilize dice counters for many token-uses. We use 16mm translucent-red D6s as damage counters, 16mm green-translucent D8s as level counters, red and black 30mm spin-down D20s for base health and workers, and a 55mm spin-down D20 for a gold counter.

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