Legacy of Dragonholt

1 - 6
best with 1 - 6
60+ mins
9 / 10
7.2 / 10
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Designer: Nikki Valens



We wanted to have nice character sheets like the pre-made characters from FFG. So, we whipped up a tool to allow everyone to be able to easily create one :) Just fill out the page (all fields are editable), add a picture if you'd like, and click print!

Character Sheet Generator

We don't track the entries that we go through, so we decided that it'd be a lot easier to have all our story tracking on one sheet. If you think this would be useful as well, you can print it here :)

One-Sheet Story Tracking

After we created the one-sheet story tracker, we also wanted a full-sheet for notes that matched the theme/texture of our other sheets.

Full-Sheet Notes

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Character Creation

Character Sheet

Story Tracking Sheets

Achievement List

Pre-Made Characters