Star Wars: Galactic Dice

best with 3+
15 mins
6 / 10
5.2 / 10
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Common Insert Design Goals

For each insert we create, we have a few "common design goals". They are:

Star Wars: Galactic Dice Insert Details

For this game, we made a custom micro-box with a flip-up magnetic lid.

We also made some custom rules for our new box.

Request Insert Schematics

NOTE: This game's insert schematics have not been created yet. Requesting schematics increments a database number so we know which schematic plans to prioritize, based on community interest. Games that have insert schematics available have a "Download Insert Schematics" button, and the icon on the games search page.


We created our scorekeeper app specifically to track this game, but found it useful for other games as well. It makes tracking players scores a breeze, and helps speed up gameplay for this game in particular.

Kelsam Scorekeeper

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