StarCraft: The Board Game

2 - 6
best with 4
3 - 6 hrs
8.8 / 10
7.3 / 10
Suggested Ambient Audio
Alt Team Play
Area Control
Modular Tiles



We created a variant that we use sometimes, though our favorite way to play is using the Brood War Expansion Scenarios. This variant is designed to force players to wage war and to remove "camp and build" options. We have adapted the variant to work with the base game, though it's best if you have the Brood War Expansion components.

Kelsam SCBG Missions Variant
This PDF is 300 DPI (suitable for printing)

Kelsam SCBG Brood War Missions Variant
This PDF is 300 DPI (suitable for printing)

Player Aids

We found that in games with more than 3 players, our already very large table just wasn't large enough to comfortably execute combat phases with the rest of the game setup. So, we designed and created skirmish boards that have magnetic legs allowing them to be placed over the game area. We designed this graphic, printed it twice, and pasted it to two 11" x 11" squares of foam board. We then cut out spaces from the bottom of the foam board to allow for magnets to be placed inside, for the magnetic leg attachments. These legs were made from chopped up dowel, and can be seen in the insert photos in the expansion box.

Kelsam SCBG Skirmish Boards
This file is 300 DPI (suitable for printing)


Common Insert Design Goals

For each insert we create, we have a few "common design goals". They are:

StarCraft: The Board Game Insert Details

For this insert, we decided to store all the miniatures in the base game box and all the other components in the expansion box. Reason being, we wanted to have a lot of real estate in the base game box so we could make 6 identical large play trays for each faction. In the expansion box, we house all the setup compontents, as well as 2 play trays with the resource tokens, shield tokens, and depleted resource tokens. All cards are housed in a single tray separated by cardstock deviders.

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StarCraft The Board Game Rulebook

Brood War Rulebook