How To

Fix Malformed Miniatures

Sometimes when you buy board games a few of your miniatures will get warped and malformed during the shipping process. Luckily, this is surprisingly easy to remedy if you're careful! We prefer the method presented in this video by Chaz Marler of Pro tip: place a water-filled bowl inside your bowl of ice water so that your minis don't collide with ice while dunking them.

Build a Gaming Table

Read our blog post about how to build this gaming table!

Paint Miniatures

As with the foam-core videos, Universal Head has also created some excellent tutorials about painting miniatures, included in the vast amount of content he has generated for the community. We have largely adopted all of these methods in our own craft. Additionally, we like to remove the miniatures' bases and rubber cement them to clear acrylic bases (as can be seen on our game pages with painted miniatures). Pro tip: Be sure to prime your miniatures with a very light coat so that you don't accidently fill in the details. If necessary, several light coats are better than one heavy coat.