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Mansions of Madness Second Edition - Painted Minis

last updated May 24th, 2017 — created May 24th, 2017

When we paint miniatures, we try to mimic the artwork in areas where we can and capture the feel of the figure in areas without clear source material. These images can provide an additional reference to work from when painting your own miniatures. We also typically replace the bases with clear acrylic bases because we think it looks better. We purchase round bases in various sizes from Litko.

These are the first miniatures we ever painted. We started painting these before 2nd Edition was announced because it was going to be our learning practice set. However, since 2nd Edition was released, this has climbed the ranks to being one of our favorite games. So, we prioritized finishing enough of these to play. We painted the investigators we usually play and the monsters from the base game and first few expansions.

For this game in particular, since monster bases usually carry their stats and abilities, we just use a reference sheet that has a scan of all the monster tokens on it when playing.

For those interested, here are the exact base sizes we used for these minis:

  • 1.5mm x .75in: Cultists, Cult Leaders, Priest of Dagon, Wizard, Thralls, Zombies, Ghosts, Children of the Goat, Witches, Dark Druids, Goat Spawns, and Nightgaunts.
  • 1.5mm x 1in: Hounds of Tindalos, Investigators, Deep One Hybrids, Child of Dagon, Hunting Horrors, Byakhees, and Maniacs.
  • 1.5mm x 32mm: Riots

How To Paint Miniatures

The Esoteric Order of Gamers has created some excellent tutorials about painting miniatures. We have largely adopted all of these methods in our own craft. Additionally, we like to remove the miniatures' bases and super glue them to clear acrylic bases. Pro tip: Be sure to prime your miniatures with a very light coat so that you don't accidently fill in the details. If necessary, several light coats are better than one heavy coat.

How To Fix Malformed Miniatures

Sometimes when you buy board games a few of your miniatures will get warped and malformed during the shipping process. Luckily, this is surprisingly easy to remedy if you're careful! We prefer this method presented by Chaz Marler of Pair of Dice Paradise. Pro tip: place a water-filled bowl inside your bowl of ice water so that your minis don't collide with ice while dunking them.

Mansions of Madness Second Edition
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This was a fun set with a lot of the characters having little decals.
For these miniatures we tried to stay in a standardized color scheme across all characters so they would look like a set.