Cheaper TI4 Command & Control Token Upgrades Now Available



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We've been trying to find a way to offer TI4 color-specific tokens that isn't as expensive as laser cut acrylic (~$20 per color turns into crazy money for a full set - in the ballpark of $150-$200 USD) and we finally have a more cost effective option. Introducing our Twilight Imperium Command & Control Token Upgrades! We've been experimenting with these prints for some time and are now happy enough with the quality and color selection to offer them to you. They are available to order on Amazon. These sets of 3D printed tokens come with 16 Command and 17 Control tokens in all 8 player colors (264 tokens). If you have your own 3D printer and colored filament and would rather print the tokens yourself, our Twilight Imperium 3D Printed Insert files also include the tokens.

Order the token upgrade set - Amazon

We also have a new image for why we think the color-specific tokens are better than the faction-specific ones that come with the game. If you'd like to see our full explanation, it can be found here. But we think this picture sums it up pretty nicely.

Thanks for reading, and game on friends!
- Kelsam