This website was created with the intent of sharing our content and ideas for various tabletop games. We enjoy creating custom content when the need arises and like to share that work with others.

On this site you will find our custom player aids, software, foam core inserts, and many other types of custom tabletop game content. For each game we post anything we'd like to share and would be happy to hear any suggestions or ideas you may have concerning them. If you would like us to take a look at some specific game or have an idea of something you wish existed for a tabletop game, please let us know.

Who We Are

Kelsam is a nickname given to the couple, Sam & Kelsie. We are programmers, designers, and creatives, but most of all - gamers. We get asked a lot: Yes, we're married lol :P

We would also like to introduce our brother, Alex. He tests all our variants and apps, plays all our games, and in general is around for many of our tabletop projects.


Score Keeper

As a bonus for reading our about page, here's a handy little score keeper app that we wrote for simple dice games.