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1 - 3 hrs
8.8 / 10
7 / 10
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Alt Team Play
Designer: Filip Neduk


Painted Miniatures

For most of the miniatures that we modify, we like to replace the bases they are shipped on with clear acrylic bases. We've found this to be quite affordable when purchasing from a company called Litko. They make quality replacement bases in many shapes and sizes. We like to replace them because we think it looks better and we like being able to see the game board through the minis' bases. We prefer the round ones, and use various sizes depending on each mini's needs.

Adrenaline Miniatures Details

In painting these miniatures we wanted to stay true to the original colors to avoid confusion on the battlefield. We tried to mimic the artwork in areas where we could and attempted to capture the feel of the figure in areas without clear source material.

For those interested, here are the exact base sizes we used for these minis:

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