Adrenaline - Quick Start Guide

last updated May 31st, 2024 — created May 30th, 2024

Watch this 8 minute video:

We follow the setup rules before watching the video, it's easier to follow along.

Other Notes & Reminders

Weapons & Ammo

  • To pick up a weapon, pay the ammo cubes except the top one.
  • Pay all the ammo cubes to reload a weapon at end of turn.
  • Collected weapons and ammo don't replenish until end of turn.


  • When you deal a player damage, any marks you have on them tack on as additional damage.
  • Marks are not removed when a player is killed.

Kill Track, Double Kill, & Overkill

  • The kill track is scored at the end of game and calculated like player kills (most blood = most points).
  • If you Overkill a player by dealing the 12th damage point, you add 2 stacked blood drops to the kill track.
  • If you Overkill a player, they tag you back with a mark.
  • If you kill more than one player on your turn, you get 1 extra point for being awesome.

Powerup Cards

  • Powerup cards can be used either for their effect or as an ammo cube of their color.
  • Targeting Scope - when dealing damage, pay 1 ammo cube to deal 1 additional damage.
  • Newton - before or after your action, move another player's figure 1-2 squares in one direction.
  • Tagback Grenade - when you receive damage from a player you can see, give them 1 mark.
  • Teleporter - before or after your action, move your figure to any square on the board.


  • Limit of 3: marks, cubes of any 1 color, powerup cards, weapons.
  • No diagonal movement.

NEWRe-based Miniatures Team Flags
We were unaware of the new expansion's team bases until after our minis were re-based, but made these 3D Printed counterparts that work with our custom bases.
Painted Minis
This was a fun set with a lot of the characters having little decals.