Mage Knight Board Game

1 - 4
best with 3+
2 - 4 hrs
7.8 / 10
8.1 / 10
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Alt Team Play
Deck Builder
Modular Tiles
Solo Play



Much like our variants for Runebound 2nd Edition, these variants are designed to speed up gameplay, allow players to level faster, and make taking wounds less of a setback.

Kelsam Mage Knight Variants v1.1
This PDF is 300 DPI (suitable for printing)

Painted Miniatures

For most of the miniatures that we modify, we like to replace the bases they are shipped on with clear acrylic bases. We've found this to be quite affordable when purchasing from a company called Litko. They make quality replacement bases in many shapes and sizes. We like to replace them because we think it looks better and we like being able to see the game board through the minis' bases. We prefer the round ones, and use various sizes depending on each mini's needs.

Mage Knight Board Game Miniatures Details

This game's miniatures came pre-painted. So, we just added some touch-ups, inked them, and replaced the bases. For those interested, we used 1.5mm x 1in size bases for all of these minis.

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