WarCraft: The Board Game

2 - 4
best with 2
2 - 3 hrs
8 / 10
6.1 / 10
Suggested Ambient Audio
Alt Team Play
Area Control
Modular Tiles
Designer: Kevin Wilson


Player Aids

First Player Token

We wanted to have a token to track the current "first player", so we tossed one together using our favorite quote from the movie: "Focus man, like old times" - Medivh. As an added bonus, we've found it to be humorously appropriate :)

First Player Token
We printed this image to a sheet of 8.5"x11" label paper, then pasted one image to one of our unused building tokens from StarCraft The Board Game (a token from the base game, which was replaced by a new token when we got the expansion). We then trimmed around the edges, and repeated the process on the back. The result is the token pictured here.

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