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World of WarCraft: The Board Game - Fully Cooperative Variant

last updated February 20th, 2024 — created July 7th, 2017

We have found that it is sometimes, or even usually, better to play this game fully cooperatively instead of as 2 factions. This will eliminate downtime (normally experienced while the opposing faction is taking their faction turn), keep the gameplay exciting, and reduce total game time dramatically (by roughly 50%). With the implementation of our Fully Cooperative Variant, this has become one of our favorite games!

When playing with the normal rules, gameplay proceeds in faction-based turns. What this means is that each faction's players all take their "actions" at the same time. However, even with just 4 players (2 on each faction), a single faction turn can take 30+ minutes, especially when they involve a lot of combat. While this is going on, the opposing faction is mostly just sitting around waiting.

The solution to this was really pretty simple. If you're playing with 2 or 3 people, you can simply all play on the same faction and ignore the existence of the other faction - sorta. We all played on the same faction; the Alliance. Anytime we drew a new quest card, we simply drew a Horde quest card as well, but only spawned the blue creatures (if any) from the opposing faction's quest. What this accomplished, is to keep the gameplay for 1 faction virtually the same as if you were playing with 2 factions. With the only major exceptions being that you could not see the other factions characters, and you never attack each other. Other minor mishaps came up from time to time. For example: event cards that allow factions to do something detrimental to the other faction. However, since there would be no final PvP, we simply ignored these and moved on.

While playing with this variant, downtime is non-existent. Your faction is constantly building up, planning, and taking part in epic combat. This decreases total game time a great deal, and increases gameplay intensity. While PvP is a lot of fun for many players, we find this to be a more exhilarating experience.

NOTE: This variant only supports 2 or 3 players.

Download the Cooperative Variant
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World of WarCraft: The Board Game
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