D&D Adventure Board Games - Puppets of the Balor Campaign

last updated April 22nd, 2024 — created December 20th, 2022

Puppets of the Balor came into being after we played the campaign mode in Temple of Elemental Evil and decided we wanted to construct our own campaign-style game involving all of our D&D board games. In this campaign you adventure through The Forgotten Realms, taking on the roles of Drizzt and his companions, trying to determine the source of some evil occurrences.

This is the adventure book that we designed for our campaign. The book calls for the first four D&D Adventure Board Games but can be played with the characters from any of them. There are twelve adventures, but each one only utilizes one game at a time, so you can skip any that you don't own the set for (we recommend reading the adventure text for any that you skip). It also includes a printable Jarlaxle Ally Card.

Download the Adventure Book
This PDF is 300 DPI (suitable for printing)

D&D Adventure Board Games
Custom Heroes Box
We created a box to store all the heroes so we'd be able to easily select any hero from any of the sets no matter which game we pulled off the shelf to play.
Other Variant Projects
World of WarCraft: The Board Game
We have found that it is better to play this game fully cooperatively instead of as 2 factions. It's faster, more exciting, and has less downtime.
StarCraft: The Board Game
This variant is designed to force players to wage war and limit "camp and build" strategies.
Runebound Second Edition
These rule variants are designed to streamline gameplay and make it much, much faster. Faster level ups, item acquisition, and nerfed knock outs.
Mage Knight Board Game
Much like our variants for Runebound 2nd Edition, these variants are designed to speed up gameplay, allow players to level faster, and nerf taking wounds.
World of WarCraft: The Adventure Game
For balance reasons we removed a space near Undercity and are restricting the use of Grumbaz Crowsblood to solo play.
This variant serves to bring a bit more balance to gameplay and speed it up a great deal. At least 1d10 (one 10 sided die) is required to use these variants.
Runebound Second Edition
This is our approach to a wildly improved market mechanic. Instead of a single market stack, you have six distinct shops.
Harry Potter: Mystery at Hogwarts
These variants are designed to clarify rules, plug rule holes, etc.