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Star Wars: Rebellion - 3D Printed Insert

last updated February 8th, 2024 — created June 30th, 2021

For each insert we create, we have a few standard design goals:

  • Reduce setup time as much as possible
  • Have separate component trays for "setup components" and "gameplay components"
  • Allow for vertical box storage without components crushing each other
  • Fit sleeved cards

This is our second 3D printed insert. We wanted to take advantage of all the cool things we can do with 3D printing, as opposed to foam-core inserts. To that end, we've designed trays with rounded bottoms for easy miniature scooping, sets of drawers, etc.

Each player has a set of drawers that hold their miniatures. Each drawer is labeled with what miniatures it houses so the build phase can be efficient. There are files to print the drawer labels in different colors if your printer can do that, or if not, there are files to make stickers for them. If you have a cutting machine, there are SVG cut files for the stickers. The drawers even have little nubs to keep the drawers from falling out during gameplay :) Recruits are presented in neat little tiered trays that sit up at a 45° angle for quick and easy reference. Each player's token trays are large enough to house 3D printed ring token replacements, and have slots to keep loyalty tokens and sabotage tokens convenient and organized. The setup trays that house the cards have little window cutouts matching the recruit cards for each player (Tie Fighter and the Millennium Falcon), just because it's awesome. The base game and expansion components all fit nicely in the base game's box.

Star Wars: Rebellion
Empire Map Companion App
We created a companion app for Rebellion because we wanted a cleaner look and simpler experience for imperial map tracking.
Other Insert Projects
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The best part of this insert is how fast it makes the hero skills table setup. 5 seconds, no joke.
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This insert fits the first edition box. It has player trays for the houses and organizes the cards (including the expansion decks) to make setup a breeze.
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This insert is designed for optimal setup speed. It has a few setup trays to pull components from, and then all play trays go straight from box to table.
Runebound Second Edition
This design covers every expansion, limits the boxes needed to play, and features boxes for Adventure Variants and Character Decks.
StarCraft: The Board Game
For this insert, we decided to make player trays for the base game box and store all the other components in the expansion box.
For this game we decided to store the base game and both expansions in one box with an overflowing insert (the lid doesn't fit on all the way).
DungeonQuest Revised Edition
This insert is one of the first that we did with multiple trays. It has card drawers for each mini-deck as well as small trays for all tokens.
The best part about this one is the dungeon tile stacks bin. It makes setup much, much swifter.
This was the first insert we ever made. If we ever remake this it will be very different. But it was certainly a useful learning experience.
D&D Adventure Board Games
We created a box to store all the heroes so we'd be able to easily select any hero from any of the sets no matter which game we pulled off the shelf to play.
Runebound Third Edition
This design covers every expansion, has tokens sorted for convenience, and features boxes for each scenario.
We got a gorgeous new fossil stone chess set, but it came in a decrepit green box, so we made our own.
World of WarCraft: The Adventure Game
We designed custom faction boxes for the character decks and tokens. We also made draw bins for challenge decks, and a neat drawer bin for discovery tokens.
We kept the original plastic insert in the base game box and built this insert for the Melee Expansion box.
Risk: Star Wars Black Edition
This was our first crack at making a 3D printed insert. It features rounded edges for easy component scooping and a draw deck space for each player.