Star Wars: Rebellion - Empire Map Companion App

last updated June 30th, 2021 — created June 30th, 2021

We created a companion app for Rebellion because we wanted a cleaner look and simpler experience than what is currently available for imperial map tracking. The system names can be turned off for an even cleaner look, but are on by default for ease of use. One of our goals was to have explored systems be darker than unexplored systems so your attention is focused on potential base locations. To that end there are options to mark systems that have been explored by probe droid (black), by other means such as loyalty, subjugation, or intel (blue), or mark systems where you suspect the rebel base may be (red).

All non-probe marks can be cleared with a single button if the rebel base is moved, or can be cleared individually if preferred. Tapping a system opens the mark menu for ease of selection and to avoid any accidental system marking that can occur with other tap options (for example, a single tap to cycle through available options). The app can run in full screen and has sound effects and vibration which can be turned off, if desired.

Star Wars: Rebellion
3D Printed Insert
This is most certainly our best insert ever. It has a lot of cool features that we'd never be able to do with foam-core, like sets of miniatures drawers.
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