Game Insert Updates



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We have some new content and a new feature to announce! We have rewritten all of our descriptions for our insert designs to better explain the thought process in their construction and implementation. We've also had a couple people tell us they'd like to see a feature to get schematics to our inserts so they can build their own. So, we've added a "Request Insert Schematics" button to each game's "Insert" section. If we have enough users click this button for a given game, we will create official Kelsam Insert Schematics for that game's insert and post it to the game page!

Runebound 2nd Edition Insert

We've also FINALLY completed our insert for Runebound 2nd Edition and all its glorious expansions! We explain our design for the inserts, and have pics uploaded on the game's page.

Blog Readers Sneak Peak

As an added bonus for being a reader of our blog, here is a sneak peak of the insert we're currently building for World of WarCraft: The Board Game!

Thanks for reading, and happy gaming!
- Kelsam